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Our Mission

Combined Community Services (CCS) provides comfort, hope, and resources for neighbors in need. Offering a hand up, not a handout, CCS removes barriers for low-income or in-crisis residents of Kosciusko County by offering programs that educate and support clients and equip them to achieve a higher quality of life.

Our Vision

We desire to be ones who are “helping neighbors help neighbors” by bringing the communities’ resources to a single location to assist families in immediate crisis and through long-term case management by giving a “hand-up,” not a “hand-out.”

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If you are elected on the board for CCS are you willing and able to perform the duties described below?

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to ensure CCS meets legal requirements for the conduct of the agency’s business and affairs. Board members provide long-range planning, Act on proposed revisions to the bylaws, and assume ultimate responsibility for internal policies that govern CCS.
Board members are expected to attend board meetings regularly, review reports and community feedback, and thereby evaluate and review CCS’s operations and maintain standards of performance. Board members approve and monitor the corporate finances, create a financial climate for fulling the purpose of CCS by seeing that sufficient funds are available for CCS to meet its objectives, and authorize and approve the annual audit. Board members are also expected to give sponsorship and prestige to CCS and inspire confidence in its services through understanding and interpreting CCS’s work in the community. (CCS Policies- 3:Board Policies).
In addition, Board members are expected to serve on sub-committees, attend and support CCS events and fundraisers, and support CCS financially.
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Options: Area Corporations, Board of Directors, Communities of Faith, Cultural Organizations, Foundations, Local Government, Media Outlets, Organized Labor, African American Communities, Latina Communities, Other ethnic communities, Older Adults, Young Adults

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