Immediate Needs

What We Do

Build a Great Future for Those in Need

We are currently not accepting clothing donations as we are not having guests in the building to take these items. Unfortunately, we do not have the space to continue receiving any items other than food.***

Infant Needs

– Diapers

– Formula

– Baby Clothes

– Baby Furniture

– Baby Accessories

Kid Friendly Foods

– Peanut Butter (Regular, Natural and Low-Fat)

– Boxed Cereal (Whole-Grain and Gluten-Free)

– Fresh Fruit


– Chicken & Noodle (Low-Sodium)

Easy Meal Items

– Macaroni & Cheese

– Pastas

Paper and Personal Hygiene Items

– Toilet Paper

– Shampoo

– Conditioner

– Bar/Body Soap

– Toothpaste

– Tooth Brushes

– Deodorant

– Feminine Hygiene Products

Clothing Items

– Children’s Clothes

– Men’s Clothes